Mehrdad Mehralian

Full-Stack Web Developer

Top Rated Plus Freelancer

100+ Projects

Web Development

My approach focuses on creating seamless user experiences by combining the power of front-end technologies like React and responsive design principles. With a strong emphasis on back-end development using Node.js and MongoDB, you ensure efficient data management and API integrations. Leveraging modern tools and collaborative workflows, you deliver high-quality web applications through rigorous testing and version control practices.

20+ Technologies

Technology Stack

My tech stack includes PHP and WordPress for rapid and scalable content management system (CMS) development, while Node.js and MongoDB provide the flexibility and power for building robust back-end APIs and managing data storage. With GraphQL, React, and TypeScript, I can create dynamic and efficient front-end interfaces, leveraging the benefits of type safety and seamless data fetching. Utilizing Next.js, MUI, and AWS, my stack ensures smooth performance, responsive designs, and reliable deployment, empowering me to deliver high-quality web applications.


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